Thursday, October 18, 2007

i love my friends pt 6

meet james. my friend and future roomate. aside from giving me a place to live in fort greene come november james is a great dj, a rad guy and way more epic then you. the first night i met him was at a party at my friends loft in bushwick. he was peeing in the sink. he also rode his bike from clinton hill (brooklyn) to san francisco once. no big deal right? wrong!

unemployed lloyd

ps. get used to his face along with a whole new cast of characters. im moving soon and im in love. kidding.

oh and if you care to meet him he'll be at bike kill on the 27th. get involved.

kinda crazy right. come if anything to see how white people acted before slavery. thats why i go.


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RH said...

dude. your future roommate kills it with the cross country bike blog.