Friday, October 12, 2007

blogging from the airport pt 1

the friendzone.
i cant remember the last time i had this problem. i think its because i have a fucking spine. however, everynow and then i find myself more tired then drunk and saying the most ridiculous things for the sake of saying them. it happens. anyway, heres what you do if youre ever in friendzone situation. you wanna bone but she wants to be friends. so next time youre at a bar and she wants a drink get it for her, bring it over, dump it on her head and bounce. let her call you (she will, youre "friends!"). if she does game on. if you play your cards right youll be clipping the trim in no time. try it. youll be suprised how good things like this work. show her your dangerous. grrrr!!!

unemployed lloyd

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Miss MK said...

is this proven to work? did you really do this? in proven Lloyd fashion, you're just talking massive most of the other "endearing" stuff that comes outta yer mouth