Friday, October 12, 2007

blogging from the airport pt 4

theres nothing i value more in this world then a nice ass. not necessarily a huge ass but a nice ass. its almost like my kryptonite. ive done some foul shit on the account of ass. from dating my best friends ex right after they broke up to telling some chick at a bar i was a soccor player from florida in town for a banquet. seriously, you better have a steller fucking attitude if youre lacking and even then dont expect it to last very long. its kinda like a requirement. everything else (looks, breast, lungs) is secondary. my lip quivers at the thought. im just that hooked. so hooked in fact when a girl passes me like clockwork i look back and dont even realize im doing it. in carroll gardens i look back before they pass so i dont look like a total creep. moms got dumps out there. "ass so phat you can see it from the front...of a baby carriage" ha. being in miami wont help either. all the girls are built like scaled down black tail models. even the asians got extra padding. basically what im trying to say is im an ass man and because of this i could never live in la. ever! im done now.

unemployed lloyd

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Shaden said...

yah... L.A. is definitely not for you ;)¤t=duskdaybooty.jpg