Thursday, October 11, 2007

halloweens coming

for most people this is a time for buying costumes and carving pumkins.for chunk 666 its back to the shack in preperation for bike kill. im kinda swamped until next week so yesterday i met up with my former roomate and got a couple hours in at the shack. i built this bike last was one big series of bad judgement calls but im not mad at the way it turned out. although unridable im sure with a couple improvements il have this thing up and running like a seasoned rider in no time. lets go!!!!
*bike kill is on the 27th. however "burning man esq" it may look its actually alot of fun. save the date.

unemployed lloyd

oh, and as far new music goes do yourself a favor and pick up all new realeses from dfa. im assuming someone pressed the self destruct button over at the label cus all the more recent releases are on some other shit. im so not mad.

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Mike B said...

True nuff... just picked up 3 new DFA 12"'s. All fire.