Friday, October 12, 2007

blogging from the airport pt 3

so i missed my initial flight to miami this morning because i got robbed. well kinda. so my flight was at 830. i got home from my gig around 5, packed my clothes and records, aim'd the roc for a bit then took off in the direction of the local car service. on my way i ran into a on duty yellow cab and decided to ride with him instead. i didnt have any dough so i told him to drop me off on atlantic and court so i could use the atm at the sovereign bank. im assuming the driver had just started working cus he seemed easily agitated. it was obvious he was in no mood to drive me to the airport. so we roll up to the bank, i run in, withdraw enough money for the weekend and come out only to find my cab had taken off with my computer and a bag of records. my heart stopped cus i new i just fucked up. i waited five minutes hoping for the best while the realization that id just been robbed sunk in. i freaked. never in my life had i felt more defeated. anyway, 10 minutes go by and it becomes obvious hes not coming back. i run into the store across from the bank and ask them if they had or new of a camera facing the street. i figure if i could get a number on the cab im straight right. no luck. at this point my brain slows down and i get super calm. hoping for the best is out of the question so i call the police. so im talking to a dispatcher from the police station and all of the sudden my cabby rolls up. OH MY GOD! i screamed on him. i was so pissed. apparently i was right about him not wanting to take me to the airport. he saw me getting out to get cash as his opportunity to jet. he said he was unaware my stuff was in the back and would be willing to give me deal on the ride if i didnt report him. i wanted to tell him to fuck off but i asked for half off instead. he said ok and were we on our way. damn. lesson learned. and all this at 6 im the morning too. im riding my bike next time.

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