Monday, October 1, 2007

so i moved out.

but not before having one of my most derelict moments ever. remember that mattress i threw out (post below)? well anyway, i moved all saturday afternoon, crashed around 6 and went to studio b around 1 to see switch and sinden. the party was kinda whatever. however, i hadnt eaten all day and what i had eaten got worked off during the move. i was basically wasted off a couple drinks and a soda. i think at one point i wanted to fight someone (it was called for tho). ha. so fast forward to me getting home after a 30 minute bike ride, tired as fuck only to realize i had to crash on the cold cold floor again. fuck that. im not proud of what i did but at the time it seemed like a good idea. i basically went outside, grabbed my mattress from off the street, dragged it back into my apt and slept the most amazing sleep. yeah, i know. not my best stuff. however, it had to be done. again, having no shame kinda rules sometimes (correct me if im wrong).

brass construction - moving

unemployed lloyd

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flores said...

i love brass construction - moving. i know that girl who's not grabbing your dick. word. been a moments worth of non-lloyd life. boo!