Thursday, October 11, 2007

white people wednsday on thursday

nightmoves - transdance (ny mix)
nightmoves - transdance (uk mix)
*backround on song

unemployed lloyd


james stacher said...

fuck yes!

stevie said...

This record is definitely a parent of house music. i remember Joey Beltram showing me this record in like, 1988 and saying "TRY and find this record" like I didn't have a chance. I always kept a lookout eye for it and finally, 15 years later, there it was in the dump crate at A-1 records. I got that shit for $2.00!! HAHAHa.. Anyway, I don't have it anymore because it got stolen from my crib, along with some other gems and equip. BOOHOOhoo!.. That sucked. So if you could please re-up this link I would appreciate that, and by the way, where did you get your copy??? HMMM?