Thursday, October 4, 2007

i love my friends pt 5

andy, woody, kevin and i met up last night at some bbq spot on 26 street in the city. we rarely meet up do to schedual conflicts, traveling and lazyness but we all made an extra effort last night because... it was andys birthday! and for his birthday me, kevin, jamal (not shown) and woody all pitched in and got him this one of a kind original cruising movie poster and about 50 bucks worth of bbq. his girlfriend later said she wasnt sure if she could top such a gift. im sure she found a way. anyway, after eating about 40 bucks worth of bbq each the crew and i were unbelievably tired but we marched aces on 5 shtreet for a 30 dollar game of buck hunting. from there we went to 205. it was stretch's birthday. he played gogo which i thought was funny because when i worked at a record store on u street in dc everynow and then we'd get hot girls in from new york (sent by stretch) looking for gogo records in exchage for dj lessons from mr armstrong himself. so ill in retrospect. anyway, i stayed til pretty late. aside from the low bit rate baltimore club the music was pretty dope. it got really hot towards the end so instead of sticking around and sweating bbq i bounced. all and all a good night.

happy birthday stretch and andy

unemployed lloyd

btw. oct 25th. save the date. big fun returns.


Jerome said...

Long live Capital City Records!!

Seth said...

lloyd did u work at cap city or mad t's?

between cap shutting down and dj hut burning down...shit is weird.



For the record, the only person playing bmore on my bday was scottie b. thanks for the bday wishes...a pleasant surprise!