Wednesday, December 12, 2007

you can live through anything if magic made it.

i just realized what the line in kanye's "cant tell me nothing" was referring to. at first i thought he was referencing real magic which left me a bit confused and made m augh alittle. anyway, this was the poster that set the light bulb off. it was definitely one of those "hey, wait a minute!" moments. the line is kinda true when you think about it. he is kinda killing it still. more then a decade of hits!!!me riding the whopper express. there was a 13 whopper for 13 dollar deal in miami that night. contra ate 7. me 6. 13 for 13 baby!

unemployed lloyd

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MyOwnBiggestFan said...

lol thats not what he means.

he means magic has aids, and he's still living. THATS what he meant.