Thursday, December 20, 2007

last night.

i did a christmas party for some company. was kind of whatever but me and thier office black guy kicked it mad hard. he went on and on about how he hated white people and how i shouldnt sell out like he has. same shit.

however, fast forward an hour later youll find him doing the superman dance while his coworkers circle around him cheering him on....CLASSIC!!

i think his name was kevin. how do i know? because his coworkers were screaming "go kevin" over and over while he was dancing.

unemployed lloyd

ps. come to think of it i was the office black guy at turntable lab up until blu jemz came along. how bout that.


sweet dick vega said...

i never met a black dude named kevin. His parents sold out for him.

justbrad said...

hahaha, shit. i may be the only black dude named bradley besides that dude from that wack kids group from london, s club 7.. talk about sellin out. stoops