Friday, December 21, 2007


i cant remember the last time i had so much fun. lost my wallet tonight which means until i get a new id and credit card this 150 dollars is all i have to live with. i should be mad but im so not. tonight was too great so leave on a sore note. thanks to everyone who came out. if i could hug you all i would with both arms and legs. bug fun is my muse, my long term goal and a good excuse to see my friends. if you missed this one dont worry there will be others. when? im not sure but when i find out youll be the first to know. come and say you were there in the beginning. ha. thank you thank you thank you. for with out you it would be physically impossible to have the the biggest fun. im getting misty eyed just thinking about it. fuck yeah new york. i know im not alone when i say this but 08 is gonna be huge and by huge i mean really really really huge! youre either in or out next year. get involved. yay!

unemployed lloyd

pics and video coming soon.

ps. house warming/christmas party at the crib tonight (friday). get at me only if you know me. im whipping out the fog machine and lights for this one. letssss goooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!


seth said...

lloyd, you dont know me and I dont know you, but keep that shit up. That was my first Big Fun and it was rad. Best vibe i've seen at a party/bar/club in a damn long while. I was gonna introduce myself, but there was this beefaquatta with her tongue down my throat the whole night.


Jasper said...

what the hell is a beefaquatta?
that in relation to "her" sounds really scary

seth said...

she was big happens....