Wednesday, December 12, 2007

monday fun.

so last monday night after having a drink at sway blu jemz and we decide to walk instead of cab to 205. so we're chatting it up and talking shit per usual when at not even 10 minutes into the walk jemz spots a poster on the wall and yells "yo, is that my cousin?!". at first glance i im like no. i mean why would it be? the closer i get the more i realize its totally a wheat pasted poster of jemz's cousin and once it dawns on me i die laughing. so random. i was laughing to hard i couldnt keep the camera still to take a picture. i had to tape it instead. trust me, if you new his cousin you'd be laughing too. so random. almost as random as walking into 205 and this being the first thing i see. this guy standing on the bar singing word up by cameo, ha.push it to the limit.

unemployed lloyd