Saturday, December 15, 2007

live from miami.

considering its like 20 degrees in new york right now (-5 on a bike) im so not mad at miami right now. the weather peaked at 83 degrees today. someone mentioned there was a cold front coming through on monday. i asked how cold and someone replied 53. i chuckled. i was gonna catch an early flight today for no reason what so ever. im glad i didnt. because if i had left...i wouldnt have signed my first autograph.
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lost my legsate the most amazing burger
touched a dead or alive 12" (bon jovi)made plans to hang out
beat contra at connect four (hes good)
and hung out with some of the better people ive met in some time.

xavier too.

yay miami. im so not mad at today.

unemployed lloyd

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Anonymous said...

what burger spot did u go to?