Friday, December 14, 2007

better late then never.

two days in miami.

i think its funny that i waited to make a post about my last trip to miami while documenting my current one. however, my last trip was too good not to write about so fuck it. besides, everyone ive run into has been asking about it since i landed. game on.this is jake jefferson (above). it was his and pres's birthday and for it he flew me down to "host" a sweater/birthday party. it was the re opening of their poplife party at a new club downtown called the white room. if you get a chance and jessy. shes rad.
malibu. he can shoot lazers from his palms.
i asked to borrow this guys wig so i could pretend to be the guy from last nights party. he wasnt having it. it was clearly his thunder. he probably thought id steal it.
pres doing it the only way he knows how. BIG!in miami it doesnt stop when the lights go out, the bottles get wrapped and the gate goes down. after parties are a must here. everyone in my crew was going on and on about how contra was staying in a warehouse by the ft laudedale airport and about how the night before i arrived they all hung out there and shot gunned beers everytime a plane flew over. i thought they were lying so i was like fuck it, lets go there. it turns out they were lying. it wasnt a warehouse by the airport but a storage unit by the airport instead. probably the most derelict situation ive ever been in. not kidding. i passed out about 30 minutes into being there. probably from having too much fun. ha.
i was the first up which is something i cant remember ever happening. this is what i saw.
sid (on concrete floor)
contra (whom i watched mo money with that afternoon while verone else slept)benington
and matt cash who went missing at first. we looked for him for an hour assuming hed taken beningtons car and bounced. he hadnt. ive never seen someone look more uncomfortable. not to mention the scorching sun and planes flying overhead. ouch.the next night i found myself at the most depressing karaoke bar ever. my friend ryan told me he was going to some karaoke party a friend of his was throwing. i had no plans to sing but im always down to check stuff out. i was pretty fired up when i got there. not so much when we left tho. it wasnt the singing or the sappy songs but more or less the enviornment and this guy above. this guy reaked of despiration. it was so sad to watch.damn. 15 more minutes and i would have wanted to kill myself. so we left, headed back to purty lounge and eventually to the storage unit by the airport again. yay.

more to come.

unemployed lloyd

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