Wednesday, December 12, 2007

my internet is out again.

i told myself i wouldnt leave my apt to blog but my internet like alot of peoples in brooklyn is out right now so im blogging from my neighbors house. sharif (my neighbor/friend) is rad. hes a computer programer who works long hours at home so its always my pleasure to stop by and lie about all the pussy i get. im over here eating dumplings, drinking his roomates wine and blogging. it kinda rules over here. i just deaded my flask so i might do a refill while im here too. now that i think of if its so much better blogging here then at my house. jeah.
an apporpriate song. arent you glad im back?

turntable orchestra-youre gonna miss me when im gone

unemployed lloyd

"lets roll past this open bar at the bowery. i wanna fill up my flask"-unemployed lloyd

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