Thursday, November 8, 2007

my brother

ive been in dc the last couple days stealing towels and sheets from my mother for my new apt. when im there if im not watching cable im usually kicking it with my brother killaminjaro mcniggeburger (nickname given by father). hes rad. nothing short of epic. anyway, we were driving through the neighborhood yesterday and hit a red light. i hopped out the car and started dancing as to simulate ghost riding. we laughed and i got back in the car. my brother being the competitive person he is could resist topping me. so when we rolled up to my moms house he told me to get out. he then pulled into the middle of the street got out his car and began to ghost ride. it wouldnt have been a big deal if we didnt live on a hill. not a big hill but a street with enough incline to make ghostriding next to impossible. long story short my brother lost control of his car, it hit a fire hydrant, then hopped on to the side walk nearly totaling are neighbors fence only to eventually stop in the middle of their yard. my heart was beating so loud you could almost hear it. he pretty much came close to destroying his car. it was awesome. hes awesome.

speaking of hydrants my dad (king of the derelicts) used to to keep a hydrant in his trunk. he would leave it on the side walk when he wanted to save a parking space. also awesome.

unemployed lloyd

ps. its always funny when u pay the price for making dumb decisions. like the time i broke my front tooth and nose doing no handers on a pogostick or when i cut my leg on a hood ornament while sliding accross the hood of a car (think dukes of hazzard). i had to get stiches. its like...what did you think was gonna happen?


Thel said...

hahaha! got to be some of the funniest shit I've read in a while. Killaminjaro McNiggerburger! holy shit! haha

Spidey said...

Damn. Fire Hydrant in the truck is god damn gold.

Ned said...

Uff. Good post.

Kevin said...

when's the reality show coming?

Kevin said...
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Anonymous said...

this was an awesome post and the reason why i continue to read this blog