Saturday, November 24, 2007

getting awesome pt 2

just went online and bought a new (as in my old one broke) siren for my room. its an upgrade from my last one which means its should be louder (think 205). it was fairly cheap considering how hardbody it is. if i was you id cop one. they make for great sound effects when practicing and/or relaxing in your room. im not the greatest with wiring electronics however attaching it to my alarm clock doesnt seem that out of the questions. im getting awesome this year.

unemployed lloyd


Brenda said...

i can't think of any other sound that is more obnoxious than this horn, i pray for you.

marika said...
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marika said...

my next purchase is a high-output bubble machine for my loft bed.. and a fog machine. that shit is the best to wake up to. or go to sleep to.