Thursday, November 22, 2007

the greatest mashup that never was...

so around the height of all the mashness (2002 - 2004?) i was working at the lab with the woodman. during this time we'd throw lame brain mash up ideas back and fourth to break up the monotony of our jobs. all pretty shitty with exception of this one that i was reminded of while shelving my records today. basically, im not sure who came up with it (id like to say it was me), but it involved mashing  eric claptons "tears in heaven"(a song about his dead son) with baby's "what happened to that boy". however mean the fact that eric claptons son fell out of a building and the corus to "what happened.." references birds chirping and has the phrase "what happened to that boy" almost leads me to believe baby may have had eric clapton's song in mind when he made his anyway. woody and i were simply finishing what had been started. we got as far putting the inst to "what happened.." over "tears.."(which i have on 12") only to find out the different bpm's made it impossible. oh well. it was still way better then anything you ever thought of. correct me if im wrong.

unemployed lloyd

speaking of eric clapton. did you know theres a promo 12" of "cocaine" on white vinyl? pretty awesome right. ive got 2.


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dude, now that God created Ableton we can totally do it.