Thursday, November 1, 2007


roc. that serato box you let me barrow last thursday? i lost it the same night. yea, i know...not my bes stuff but you can have mine. oh, and that camera you let me barrow for the blog a while back? lost that a day later. when it rains it pours but i got you. ebay, paypal, 189 dollars later its and like it never happened. i just wanted you to know.

unemployed lloyd

ps. only old pics til the new camera comes.
pss. pase. im sorry i couldnt be there for you tonight @ room service. napolean and george washington would have been a mean team but i didnt have it in me to track all the way to 23rd street.

"life can be such a bumbaclot sometimes" - unemployed lloyd

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Roctakon said...

Dumb shit... you never took it... its sitting in my living room...