Saturday, November 24, 2007

getting awesome.

fuck what you heard. winter is the new summer and i havent a single bad thing to say about my game right now. im definitely having the most fun. for those that know me im full of shit again so watch out. matter fact the only difference between my game right now and a bucket of bullshit is a bucket. you wanna hate me but you cant cause you love me too much. i understand, i cant help what ive become. i left the crib with no money tonight and came home with 5 dollars and a stomach full of alcohol. i got awesome. at one point i picked up my jacket while talking to a girl and pennies fell out. what might have stopped you dead in your tracks wasnt even a small speed bump on the back road to the danger zone. come get awesome with me if anything to keep warm. you can come to my crib and i can show you how i live. fuck it, i was told not to leak it but i even got sex tape coming out. heres the preview. oh, and i even found a new camera i can lose. jeah.

her: why should i come over? give me one good reason.
me: think of it as an invesment. let me protect you.
her: from what?
me: terrorists

unemployed lloyd

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