Thursday, November 15, 2007

2 things.

first off. if youve got any extra orgins, donate them. i did and in return im getting my camera back tomorrow. remember the one i lost? well, whom ever found it must have went through the pictures because i was recognized in the street not to long ago. a young lady came up to me and said her friend has my camera. i asked how she new it was mine and she replied by saying either its your camera or someone likes to take a shit ton of pictures of you. ha. anyway, she gave me the number of the guy who found it and tomorrow if all goes well i'll get my camera back. having great karma rules.

second. i never thought id say this but ive got a job working for the CIA (kinda). its temp and its in the navy yard which is pretty cool because not only is it 4 blocks away from my apt but i now have an ID that allows me to go into the navy yard when ever i want with guests even. whos up for an adventure? basically my friend paul called me last week and said he needed help at his job. i figured if he's calling me for help then he must really need it. so im helping. it only last the week so rest assure i'll be unemployed again in no time. more on my new job when i get my camera. its pretty rad.

unemployed lloyd

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