Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the last days.

i think my computers gonna die tonight. its like 80 years old in laptop years. i cant even answer my myspace messages without it shutting off. for those of you who instant message me, you know the deal. ha. you think my spellings bad right? well, theres a reason for that. my computer cant handle spell check. it flips out and re-boots when i apply it. i feel like tonight is that night. light candles, say a prayer, donate even. just dont let me be without a computer. i need my it. see. its all i have. goodnight i can do. goodbye makes me teary eyed.

unemployed lloyd

jesse saunders - on & on

shout outs to dan, doug, alex, josh and benington tonight. jeah

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Paul said...

that thing has lasted a lot longer than i thought. TTL lay-away, here you come.