Monday, February 11, 2008


location to be announced.

unemployed lloyd


Brik Mason said...


Anonymous said...

you got the jams son!

Anonymous said...

yo, how was LA? can we see some pics?
those of us grinding in this crappy NY winter want to see how you get dow out there...

P "you gotta be a dime piece, take a look at the rocks in my time piece" gorgeous

Anonymous said... and roc need to shut your blogs down...ya'll sleeping or something

Haukur Heidar said...

blog goddamnit!!!!


Aaron said...

Channel 10: Turntable Lab Radio

This month the Lab gets as eclectic as possible. First, Blu Jemz interview's trend setting DJ/producer Erol Alkan, live from Winter Music Conference. The two go over everything from DJ trends to Erol’s favorite drum filtering techniques. Next, blog-master the Arab Parrot flies through to mix it up with some high-energy tracks and drop some random banter on us. And last, the legendary DJ Scratch of EPMD stops by to talk about his production techniques and history in the game, blessing the end of the set with a very special EPMD classics routine that is sure to make your head nod.

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