Saturday, February 2, 2008


"good clothes open many doors. go shopping."

what the fuck man! who ever made this fortune cookie is a dick. i appreciate the fact that its a lot less vague then most fortunes however, i dont appreciate being told to step my gear game up by a cookie. if i wanted to be judged id pick up when my father calls. wtf dude! i dont need a fortune cookie to tell me i need new clothes. i already know i need new clothes!


unemployed lloyd

*on a side note i totally picked up and kept a sweater i found on the ground outside of 205 minutes before getting said cookie. ive since tossed it.


Anonymous said...

That's like the time I got a fortune that said, "Try something new" My life was a little too boring by China King's standards...

~DJ Mighty Mouse

Brik Mason said...

That makes me think of the movie "The last dragon" where he went into the fortune cookie factory.

justbrad said...