Saturday, January 5, 2008

sex in the city (kinda) pt 2

so i finally saw "Gay sex in the 70's," and it was suprisingly very good. great even. ive watched it twice. i found it at blockbuster of all places in the previously viewed section. whats funny is when you buy something at blockbuster they take your purchase and leave it by the door instead of handing it too you. i got a call while exiting and ended up spacing out and leaving my movies behind. i didnt realize what i had done until i was around the corner buying snacks and felt kinda light. so i walk back to the blockbuster and try to open the exit door but cant because theres no handle. one of the guys at the front desk (a dread) spots me and comes over. i point to the stack of videos ("gay sex in the 70's" on top), he grabs them, glances at the half naked man and title on the cover and hands them to me with a look of discust on his face. i wanted to throw some sort of "im a student doing research" excuse at him but it probably wounldnt have mattered. so, i laughed and went home. ha.

again, a really good documentary. alot of first person accounts, vintage adds, stills, comercials and footage from a time forgot. get involved!!!!
so ill

unemployed lloyd

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Anonymous said...

Word them dreads give the illest vicious fish faces